First-aid box is made available to the Government School: Vimukti Pothnal

First aid is an important life skill that helps reduce fatalities and enables the faster treatment of injures. It also has an important role to play in providing pupils with a sense of purpose and achievement, in giving them the skills that will potentially save lives but also learn to be responsible for the welfare of others, adding to the sense of community within a school.

Keeping these thoughts Vimukti Staff Nurse Mrs. Nagarathna gave inputs sessions on first-aid and enlightened the children its importance and the role as a student in the school. After the session parliamentary and club children got together and discuss this matter in their monthly meetings and planned to buy a First- aid box to their school. On 1st of September 2018 karabdinni parliamentary and club children saved their pocket money and contributed their share and brought the First- aid box to their school. The attitude of the children was applauded by everyone and fruit of their labor the children have contributed two first aid box to their school. Congrats dear children for your love and concern…

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