Dharna Staged demanding crop loss compensation: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti in collaboration with NGO partners from Raichur district, on 30th of August, 2018, staged the Dharana in demanding crop loss compensation by walking 85 kilometers. The protesters said farmers were in distress due to scanty rainfall this season too. Many laborers have migrated in search of employment in the cities.

Many farmers incurred loss due to the failures. Therefore, the government should declare Raichur as the drought affected district and initiative relief measures at the earliest. They also said, the government should waive all the crop loans borrowed from the nationalized banks. The loan clearance for Rs. 2 lakh waived off by the government should be issued to farmers. Fresh loans should be provided to take up cultivation. The protesters demanded that a crop loss compensation of Rs.20, 000 per acre should be provided. Farmers in the tail-end area of the canals have not been receiving water due to the negligence of officials. Gates should be installed immediately to check the leakage of water in the canals and officials should be instructed to ensure the supply of water till the tail-end area. At the end of rally memorandum was submitted to the concerned authority to look into the matter very urgently. Nearly five hundred farmers participated in this rally.

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