Free information camp on use of Herbal Medicine: Vimukti Pothnal

Free information camp on use of herbal medicine was conducted in our targeted villages, in collaboration with Ensemble Agissons, France, under “HEALTH FOR ALL” project. The sessions held in Kannada by traditional practitioners. Mrs. Chinnamma and Mrs. Nagarathna staff nurse enlightened the gathering with regards herbal medicine and its importance today’s world. People suffering from diabeties, Asthama, Gasterities, Paralyeis, Obesity, Leporsy , Psosiasis, Old skin diseases, knee or joint pain , varicose vain, fits , constipation , Jaundice , Depression, Weakness of nerves , Infertility, Menstrual Problems , Mental Disorder in children etc…were well explained to the beneficiaries and motivated to the women to spread this message to the other women in the villages. Nearly 41 women benefited from this camp.

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