A Child is a flower and children are a beautiful Garden

With exuberance the children of Sneha Jyothi Boarding organized a wonderful recreational evening after the meticulous organization of the celebration of Independence Day. “Every Child is a different kind of flower, and all together, makes this world a beautiful garden” says an author Play, activities and recreation are the best part of student life apart from the classroom study that makes them lively, active and energetic. Our children began the task from morning with the cleaning of the surrounding, paid tribute to Our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi and remembered sacrifices of the freedom fighters and the proud soldiers of Bharath Matha, Fr. Sathish Fernandes, the director of Vimukti Charitable Trust and a member of CWC, powerfully enlightened the budding minds of these children with a short message on the occasion of Independence. He reflected on how one’s simplest help and good work of today towards the closest needy builds the better society and world tomorrow. Along with children were enlightened on a note about how to be productive citizens in the society. Thereafter in the evening children arranged a beautiful recreational programme with the help of Miss. Mamatha, the warden, Miss. Pushpa and Mr. Mutturaj. There were lots of activities like, prayer dance, singing, raising slogans, dance for the patriotic songs, few games and sweets were distributed. The children enjoyed so well. Their talents were focused. They brought out their recreational skills. They made the day sweet and memorable one.

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