Vimukti Adolescent Clubs

A total of 10 adolescent Groups and each group ranging of 25 to 30 girls between the age of 10 to 18 were formed in the project area. Adolescent girls are availing the pleasure of group membership. Animators have played a vital role in strengthening these groups on adolescent issues. The club provides a platform for adolescents collectively to discuss issues around domestic violence, early marriage and more importantly encourage their peers to adopt healthy practices and follow medical intervention, for preventing anemia. Regular meetings are conducted in these groups.

On the other hand VIMUKTI has organized 10 adolescent groups. All the groups get benefited in terms of knowledge and awareness on family life education, reproductive health, STI, HIV/AIDS & Information on family planning, access and use of contraceptives, condom usage, delaying sexual debut, menstrual cycle management, assertiveness, decision making, leadership, and rights of women and girls, Vocational skills and leadership skills. While the adolescents draw their strength from numbers, their vulnerability lies in their ignorance caused by social taboos that keep them from accessing right information.

The adolescent health programme is drawn up in a participative manner keeping the interests and skills of girls in mind with a view to ensure that the enrolled girls actively participate and these girls and take maximum benefit out of it. The society is facing a lot of hardships and is subjected to domestic violence, sex abuse, human trafficking, brutality, and discrimination at work places, economic hardships, and lesser opportunities to develop their potential.

The Guests and Resource Persons addressed the adolescent girls, aged 10-18 to prepare and face the challenges of life;
Self-awareness, life goals and communication skills
Gender sensitization, health and hygiene related issues
Legal rights and regulations related to local self-governance

The resource persons and guests laid emphasis on to strengthen personal competencies, such as communication, self-confidence, decision-making, goal setting, develop employable skills and develop coping skills in personal life of the individuals as well as in work environment apart from career, life skills, sexual health, vocational skills, human trafficking, eve-teasing, communication and leadership skills.

Our Animators have played a vital role in strengthening these groups. All the groups get benefitted in terms of knowledge and awareness on various aspects.

It acts as a forum for the development of adolescent girls and as a platform through which they can voice their needs and understanding. And it ensures that the members of the clubs are consulted on matters concerning their own lives and enables them to contribute to the well-being of the community and are gradually changing the traditional mind-sets in society regarding young people and adolescents.


  • To form adolescent groups

  • To create awareness on career guidance, life skills, reproductive health, vocational skills, trafficking, eve-teaching and etc.

  • To link with government agencies viz. ICDS, health & Education departments through convergence.


  • Gender discrimination

  • Early child marriage

  • Human trafficking

  • No involvement in developmental activities

High Lights

  • Formation of adolescent groups and orients them about their rights and sensitize on gender issues so as to facilitate them to take group actions.


  • 10 adolescent groups were formed in 10 targeted villages and sensitized towards health, nutrition and social evils.

  • 300 adolescent girls are benefited out of this programme.

  • Linkage with the government to avail government schemes.


  • All adolescent groups will be retained and will have increased understanding of various legal rights and will involve themselves at various platforms and to enable them in effective decision-making.

  • To help girls plan their future and empower them to take decisions in life by doing so they are able to unfold and increase self-development.

To establish a network of service providers and other stakeholders to enable girls to access services that would contribute towards their development.

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