Adult (computer Based) literacy programme: Vimukti Pothnal

Education a man, you educate a person, but you educate a woman and you educate a whole civilization- Mahatma Gandhi

“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope,” says Kofi Annan, adding to him, it’s a basic human right, the road to human progress and the means through which every man, and woman and child can realize his or her full potential. That is what the ALP stands out make the learners specially the women aware of their right to education.
The ALP is not directed just learning reading and writing letters but putting them down to act to not to get enslaved to malpractices of the society. So ALP at Manvi Taluk has tried to reach its learners and helped them to bring out their potentiality in learning.

Goal of the Programme:
To improve functional literacy among the most marginalized communities of Manvi Tq., Raichur Dist. Karnataka.

1. To reach 8,000 learners in Manvi Tq.
2. To make the individuals aware of the utility of the knowledge and education through literacy programme.
3. To stable them to make and fight for their right of education
4. To enhance the confidence level of individuals and families, enabling them access
and capitalize economic/livelihood opportunities
5. To improve awareness among rural households that enables them to demand and
Access their rights and entitlements

Reach out of ALP, Manvi tq. Raichur Dist.
• We have reached 50 villages getting the benefits of ALP
• The total number of the learner here is 8295,
• Those appeared for NIOS exams are 3013

• We have two supervisors to monitor ALP
• We made best use of the Saksharath Bharath officers
• Through their hold we have reached 50 villages
• We have met the local leaders, made them aware of ALP and built ALP-committees
• We have selected the best facilitators through ALP-committees
• We have given 2 days training for facilitators on reaching out the ALP effectively
• Review meetings were held every month
• We have built learner’s club for every quarter level
• We have distributed newspapers to each project-villages

Challenges faced
• At the beginning there was difficult to start ALP in 50 villages immediately without much preparation.
• People had mixed response to get the benefit of ALP in the beginning
• Since ALP was for free and they had mind that they get nothing if they spend time for ALP
• The villages are very far from Vimukti, the Partner Organization
• More often we faced problems with Notepad and get them repaired
• There was gap in building up new learners when some of them left from the group for various reasons like caste, distance et all

ALP selection of members as Facilitators
The facilitators were included of various sections of people which included:
• Visiting teachers,
• ASHA workers,
• Saksharath animators,
• College students,
• Housewives,
• MNREG leaders,
• Handicap
• Widows

Visitors to ALP
There were visits by volunteers to vimukti and to the ALP learners more than five times. We had Mr. Abhilash, Mr. Babu, Mr. Karthik, Miss Namratha team and Project Head Mr. Thomas Paul and coordinator Mr. Immanual. This was a good move and motivating and encouraging to the ALP learners. The learners were supported and were thankful for the ALP.

• We have reached 50 villages and beneficiaries are approximately 8,000
• NIOS exams are conducted in the project-villages out of 4000 learners 3013 have appeared for this exam.

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