“Children are the world’s most resource and its best hope for the future”- John F Kennedy
Children are the light of the society. Tomorrow’s future of the society depends upon the today’s children. Today the situations have changed in getting the children educated by making them sit in the four walls of the class-room. But it is all about the holistic development. A rank holder at studies may not rank in the society. A man with human values, right judgment and capable discretion has respect in the society. The education system has become so challenging today. It needs to be updated to make children love learning through innovative way of leaning. Children are the source they are the future. With all this aspects in mind the Sneha Jyothi Boarding has been trying its best from many years to give children not only the accommodation and food but also a valuable opportunity, spirit filled and humane atmosphere to bloom and enjoy their childhood through learning and activities.

Our Priorities:
• Seek God-serve neighbour
• Dedicated academic performance and activities
• Sportive, skillful and active
• Truthful, just and peaceful
• Leader par excellence
• Humanitarian
• Environmental mind
• Sense of Belongingness
• To instill in them importance of values, morality, patriotism and ethics.
• All round development

Our aim:
• To create opportunities to bring out their inner power.
• To ascertain that they enjoy their childhood.
• To provide basic education to these children.
• To provide accommodative, sportive, recreational and medical aid
• To provide basic literacy and facilities.
• To instill social, moral, and spiritual values.
• To help create a responsible and enlightened Society.


Student of Spirit-God experience
• Holy Eucharist
• Catechism
• Faith Formation through biblical activities

• Class works
• Daily evening tuition
• Basic English Speaking course

Personality Development:
• Co-curricular activities
• Quiz, Dance singing
• Stage programs etc.

All round Development:
• Awareness programs
• Sports
• Manual Labour
• Love for Nature, cleanliness

Element of Gratitude
“Gratitude is the flower that blooms in noble souls”
St. Augustine beautifully put this way, “Love has hands to help others. It has feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has ears to hear the sights and sorrows of people. This is what love looks like.” We the Capuchin fathers and all the poor children and women of Pothnal will remain very grateful, if you could assist us in the challenging venture and the hard mission towards the poor and the marginalized children of Pothnal. As we knock at your door for your financial help, we assure you that your help will make a lot of difference in the lives of the poor children; in fact it will be a “liberative gesture” for these children from different bondages of hard reality of life especially of poverty, of violence, of bonded labour and of trafficking. Your financial help is the future hope of these poor children. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. We hope you wish to the part of healing balm in their challenging life. Be the beacon of light in their darkness; May your support enhance the lives of the poor and the marginalized children of this locality.

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