Awareness and Increasing Knowledge among Farmers to Enhance the Production and Productivity: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Charitable Trust® Pothnal organized the awareness program on increase knowledge among farmers to enhance the production and productivity. The main aim of this program is to improve the technologies related to agriculture and allied fields benefited the farmers in terms of increased crop production and improved farm income. The successful technological interventions identified through On-farm testing (OFTs), soil testing, etc.

This program includes cluster demonstration of rice, wheat, pulses on improved package of practices, demonstration on cropping system, cropping system-based training of farmers, seed distribution of high-yielding varieties and other agro inputs. The Govt. has approved crops developmental programme on cotton, sun flower, paddy and sugarcane etc., for enhancing production and productivity of these commercial crops. Vimukti, also creates awareness among farmers regarding Ganga Kalyana yojene, krishi Honda, land Bhoo Odetana Yojane( land purchase Scheme), Pashu Bhagya Scheme etc.

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