Right to food campaign-“Development and Access to Entitlements of the marginalized”: Vimukti Pothnal

One of the major issues in the present context is ‘Right to Food’, which stands great challenge to the poor people to get their rights and One of the concrete example of option for the poor today in India would be to campaign for the government schemes on the Right to food. There are 8 schemes but are unknown to the poor and the marginalized. Through regular home visits, awareness was generated among people on RTF, PDS, ICDS, APL/BPL, MDMS, AAY NFBS, and NOAPS etc. our project aim is to at least 80% of the households have improved access to entitlements of NFSA and SCSP/STSP/WASH and other government schemes.

Followed by Vimukti RTF Training last year, several programmes have been conducted at the village levels with focus conscientizing the marginalized communities such as the Dalits tribal and the slum dwellers on their right to food and of enabling them to make the most of the food related schemes of the governments. In this connection, resource material on Right to Food had been prepared in kananda and distributed to the targeted villages of our working area. With the aim of enhancing the effectiveness and fruitfulness of RTF campaign. VIMUKTI has built strong network with likeminded NGOs and with government office at Raichur.

In different times training for animators and village leaders was organized and resource persons were called to give input sessions on various schemes. Nearly 35 villagers have been educated on right to food act.

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