Survey on progress on new project “Bridget IT- Digital Entrepreneur program: Vimukti Pothnal

In recent years, there has been paradigm shift in the development of youth in India with a huge focus on livelihood development through micro entrepreneurship. A severe lack of job opportunities for youth, especially rural youth, has led to entrepreneurship, even at the micro level, as a necessary and viable alternative for livelihood generation. Providing the opportunity for youth to successfully start and run a small business will improve rural economy and lead to better quality of life for the youth, their families, and their communities. Promoting rural enterprise will also serve as a key to stem the migration of youth and bring about a reduction in the number of youth who move away from their communities in search of employment elsewhere.

With the advancement of technology, and the ever growing reliance on digitalisation, rural communities are fast being left behind on the availability of technology based services. A huge gap exists between urban and rural communities in this regard. To bridge the gap between urban and rural communities, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), in partnership with Development Focus (DF), are pioneering an innovative Digital Entrepreneurship Program in collaboration with Vimukti Charitable Trust® Pothnal, Raichur district in North Karnataka. The aim of this unique initiative is to create rural e-entrepreneurs from socially and economically disadvantaged rural communities.

Project Overview
The project, aptly named BridgeIT, is a micro entrepreneurship program that aims to provide livelihood opportunities and bridge the IT gap between urban and rural India by building the capacity of rural youth in e-entrepreneurship. BridgeIT will focus on building the IT and entrepreneurial skills of rural youth, build their confidence, and enhance their life skills, providing them with the necessary means and support to earn a livelihood through e-entrepreneurship. The initiative will not only allow rural youth to be gainfully employed and self-sufficient, but will also bridge the IT gap by enabling the youth to bring much needed IT related services into their communities. By promoting rural entrepreneurship, the intervention aims to improve the rural economy, reduce illiteracy, and provide academic inputs to both school going children and adults through computer based education. Survey on progress in sixteen villages of Manvi taluka for entrepreneurship candidate who could learn and start business in their own village, after due trainings, they will be provided laptops, projectors, etc.

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