Village Health staff Nurse

The Village Health Staff Nurse program was launched in collaboration of Ensemble Agissons, France, in order to address the rural health problems of the 16 villages in Manvi, Raichur Dist. The program was aimed to create a sustainable model for health care by training local rural women to deliver basic health services in their own villages. The goal of the Village Health Staff Nurse program is to provide primary health care at the village level to prevent illnesses from progressing to a more serious and costly state. The women are taught to identify and refer serious or life-threatening illnesses to the Primary health center or any other institution that provides health services. A number of learning methods are used during the training of Village Health Staff Nurse, including films; focus group discussions. The women learn to use a stethoscope, blood pressure monitor and many other tools to analyze health issues in the village.

The Village Health Staff Nurse expected to perform the following activities

  • Conduct home visits in the village they are based in.

  • Participate in VIMUKTIís health education and awareness activities.

  • Treatment of simple illnesses at the village level and referral of more dangerous or complicated cases to other local hospitals and government health centers.

  • Participate in VIMUKTIís health education and awareness activities.

  • Participation in government education and training programs as well as health and economic schemes in their villages.

  • Educate women on prevention of domestic violence

  • Participation in village health activities related to disease prevention and health living.

  • Participation in a network of village institutions including the local village governance committee (Gram Panchayat)


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