Protest held in support of Sadashiva commission report: Vimukti pothnal

Vimukti with the collaboration Dalit Sangarsha Samithi Manvi took out a protest rally from kudala sangama to Freedom Park, in demanding implementation of the recommendations of the commission. Addressing the protesters, Mr. Jaysheel VCT staff called upon the Dalit community members not to rest till the recommendations of the Sadashiva commission report on arriving at the reservations based on the population of scheduled Castes, were implemented into. Further he urged the state government to recommend to the Centre for implementation of the report.

“This has been the long standing demand of the Madiga and Chalavadi communities. The internal reservation is our birth right. The recommendations were made by the commission which was setup by the government itself. These recommendations have been given after careful study, keeping the ground realities firmly in mind. Hence the state government should not delay further, and implement the report immediately” he urged. Mr. Arogyappa VCT staff expressed “Dr. Ambadkar had always dreamt of equality among all the communities in the society. To realize his dream, the State Government should implement the Sadashiva commission report without further delay. More than 10,000 Dalit and Chalavadi leader gathered in this rally to fight for their constitutional rights.

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