Vimukti organized World Toilet day awareness program: Vimukti Pothnal

“Sanitation is more important than political independence”. ~ Mahatma Gandhi,
Vimukti organized 19th November 2017, World Toilet Day awareness program at Utakanoor Grama Panchyath. As per project Swacch Bharat Andolan (Clean India Mission) has not been able to provide toilets to 335 million women and girls in India today. It also says that about 732 million Indian have no access to toilets and are thus forced to defecate in the open. VCT for the past eight years through its continuous awareness programmes only 5% of families have stopped open defecation.

Efforts to increase access to water, sanitation, and hygiene not only advance progress towards reaching the water and sanitation Millennium Development Goal (MDG 7), but also contribute to the reduction in child mortality (MDG 4) and reduction in malnutrition (MDG 1). Access to improved sanitation facilities can even prevent young girls from dropping out of school. In addition to raising awareness and advocacy, World Toilet Day, The project focuses on learning how to combine the approaches of Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS), behavior change communications, and social marketing of sanitation to generate sanitation demand and strengthen the supply of sanitation products and services at scale, leading to improved health for people in rural areas. It is a large-scale effort to meet the basic sanitation needs of the rural poor who do not currently have access to safe and hygienic sanitation.

On this occasion Fr. Sathish Fernandes VCT Director said, our motto is “To see a villages with a clean, safe toilet and sanitation for everyone, everywhere at all times.” Educate to change mindsets on sanitation. VCT collaborates with grassroots organizations and schools to increase awareness of the importance of sanitation in local communities. Build to develop sanitation infrastructure and capacity. In public places speeches help to raise awareness of the importance of sanitation, and inspire and drive demand for sanitation. VCT takes the opportunities to meet philanthropy groups, schools, NGOs, grassroots organizations, government bodies and wide audience through events and conferences. Mr. Channa Raddi PDO expressed saying, BETTER TOILETS FOR A BETTER WORLD. Grama panchyath president, members and community leaders were present for the program. VCT motivated 152 families to fill the form on the spot and made them to hand over to PDO for sanction the amount immediately. As a result gathered 152 families agreed to build toilets by January 15, 2018. Thus program ended with positive note.

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