Vimukti Children parliament members voice out concerned authority to conduct Makkal Gram sabha in Every Grama Panchyath in the Raichur District without fail: Vimukti pothnal

“When we talk of children’s right to participation, we are talking about children being able to intervene in decisions that affect their lives.”

Vimukti children parliament members on 15th November 2017, morning gave a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner and Chief Executive officer (CEO) Raichur and demanded the official to look into the matter very seriously. Shashi Rakha, Children Parliament President from Karabdinni said, In India, just as most of the world, children are not considered as ‘citizens’. They are regarded as citizens in waiting, not fully franchised. Though they are expected to do many things responsibly – going to school, studying and performing in exams, carrying out duties at home – they have no say in determining what their city/locality/village should be like in the next twenty years or determine what needs to be done to make their (children’s) life easier.

But in fact, children have a moral and legal right to participate in governance surrounding any issues that affect them. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified in 1990, sets out three broad categories of rights all children should enjoy: protection from threats, provision of basic services like education, and participation in decisions affecting them. Sadly, this ‘third P’ has proven the most difficult to make a reality, and has encountered much resistance.

Therefore we the children parliament members have come together to demand and to make compulsory to conduct Makkal Grama sabha in every Gram panchayath in the Raichur District; so that children are able to get all the facilities in the school like toilet, play ground, electricity, pure drinking water, play materials, News papers, etc. At the same time, children’s governance fulfills children’s legal and moral right to participation in decisions concerning them. All the Children parliament representatives were present and benefited from this program.

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