Vimukti appeals the district government to make Government schools in manvi Taluka attractive, relevant as well as child friendly:

Vimukti after revising the situation of government schools in the project area brought out various prevailing issues and collected them in a booklet form. This report highlights the real situation of AWCs and educational institutions in Manvi taluka in general. Schools are supposed to be the temple of learning, but the average primary educational institutions and AWCs in the taluka are likely dingy, dilapidated, with no access to electricity, toilets, lack of basic infra-structures, leaking roofs, without play grounds, broken furniture, late arrival and handing over of school books, absence of computer labs, shortage of teachers, etc., are major problems which are blocking and reducing the standard of child education at large.

Childhood is the initial stage of growth in one’s life. In this regard Preschools play vital role in the early childhood development. There are 486 anganwadi centres in our Manvi Taluk. But the fact is that, these centres do not cater to the total development of preschool child development. The statistical data in the Government records that related to child development and nutritional status is far behind from the target and from the reality. Quality monitoring survey of preschools show that teachers lack innovative, creative and motivational methods of teaching and they have made it as monotonous action. The result of Quality monitoring survey also shows that there is non-availability of play materials, teaching learning materials at preschools, structures, water facilities, electricity, ground, Toilet facilities etc. They fail to attract the children. There are some preschools of the Project area have been totally deprived of basic facilities such as safe and clean classrooms, sound roofs, boundary walls, good ventilation, open space for playing etc. school teachers are overburdened with the departmental work than concentrating on the childcare development process.

Going to school in a clean and healthy school environment is every child's right. In Manvi Thaluka however, do not have access to safe and clean sanitation facilities in schools. Schools too often suffer from non-existent or insufficient sanitation and hand-washing facilities. Schools are not safe for children due to negligent of the operation and maintenance of facilities. Latrines are not always adapted to the needs of children, in particularly for girls. School children continue using broken, dirty, unsafe sanitations and hand washing facilities. Latrines are locked because children are not trusted or trained to use them properly. In such circumstances, schools become unhealthy places where diseases are transmitted easily. Poor health affects the children and their ability to learn and therefore influences their prospects in life. It is clear that in broader sense poor sanitation in school buildings impairs children's growth and development, limits school attendance and negatively affects students' ability to concentrate and learn. After studying elaborately the reality Vimukti submitted the memorandum to Deputy Commissioner, District chief executive officer, District block officer and concerned authority to look into the matter more urgently.

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