Plant a Tree and Save Millions of Lives: “Spread the love of nature everywhere you go by planting trees” Vimukti pothnal

Vimukti Pothnal organized a special program to bring awareness about afforestation, an occasion which united all the minds together with one definite purpose, that is nothing but save trees and save life. For the past many years Vimukti has been taking keen interest in motivating children and people in our villages to plant a tree and to save life. Every year more than five hundred plants are freely distributed to the schools and community and bring to their awareness of how important trees are to both our existence and the survival of every other species on the planet. It is also very important to combat the menace of global warming, the alarming rate of deforestation and the resultant impact on the environment. Vimukti reminded children and women of their duties and responsibilities. Plantation drives are a practical and effective way of engaging students, children, and people, making them aware of the challenges they will have to address in order to conserve the environment for our future generation.

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