Children’s Participation- ‘Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow: Vimukti Pothnal

Children’s Participation is the heart of our program. We encourage children to express their views/ideas, participate in decision making processes, share their problems collectively and find suitable solution. To ensure this, children are given the space to do so, children have their own club meetings. These meetings are held every month at contact point. The unresolved issues are discussed in a larger meeting called the Children parliament, held every month, in which 15 to 20 child representatives participate from each contact point. Children themselves select their convener and secretary for these meetings. Children raise issues like police atrocity, crisis intervention, employer abuse, legal support, death and took decisions and formed action groups to resolve them. The main issues were related to the environment, child rights, and education. Children suggested making some changes in our interventions. Some of the decisions taken in the meeting have already been incorporated in our programs and actions have been taken with the involvement of the children as per their needs. In every month 450 to 550 children are benefitting from these trainings.

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