Sexual and Reproductive health education for adolescents: Vimukti Pothnal

This program was conducted in various schools in our targeted villages, with an objective to furnishing the knowledge on physical, mental, and cognitive changes during adolescence. Moreover, other topics like child abuse, child marriage were also dealt in these workshops. The main objective of these adolescent meetings is to educate and guide the adolescent girls to understand and accept their physical maturity and emotional changes they undergo. They also need to take good care of themselves during this period avoiding all kinds of fear and superstitious beliefs, prevalent in the villages. They must know their rights to save themselves from child labour, child marriage, child trafficking, school dropout, etc. The main topics dealt were personality development, health and hygiene, HIV/AIDS, contagious diseases, reproductive health care, physical growth and mental changes, gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Nearly 51 adolescent girls benefited from this training program.

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