First time in history, Sunknoor village people saw bus connectivity to their village. Vimukti pothnal

Three-decade old demand was realized on Monday when Mrs. Eshyamma vimukti staff along with other women from her village visited the Concerned MLA demanding bus facility to their village. The women have been demanding a bus service for the last three decades, but nothing has materialized. Up to now they had to either go on foot for about 7 km to access public transport. Their demand was fulfilled soon after the MLA of Maski visited their village, and within five days bus service became a reality for the village. “we will not forget the Maski MLA for the rest of our lifetime”, says Mr. Eshyamma, from the village who goes for MNREGA work. She said that there have been several MLA’s and government authorities whom they had petitioned for the bus facilities, but just an oral request to the present MLA who acted positively without delay helped us to realize our dream in less than week. More than 400 families in the village, a majority of them travel 7 km to other villages to get bus facility. Absence of public transport has been affecting them financially as they had to spend extra for taking motorcycles for work or hire vehicles. “Now we can save up to Rs. 1000 per month with the morning and evening bus services to the village”, says Mr. Eshaymma. We vimukti director and staff appreciate and thank Mrs. Eshyamma, for her hard work and dedication.

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