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“Disabled children in Manvi Taluka miss out due to lack of support services…”
On 27th March, 2023, Vimukti organized a Counselling and training program to all the specially challenged families at Vimukti premises. Vimukti staff with the support of MRW and VRW members identified differently abled children in the entire Manvi taluka. 60% of children with disabilities do not attend schools for various reasons. Three- fourths of the children with disabilities at the age of five years and one-fourth between 5-19 years do not go to any educational institution. However, only 2% of Children with disability in Manvi Taluk from low- and middle-income families attend school. Children with disabilities have generally poorer health, lower education achievements, fewer economic opportunities, and higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities. This is largely due to the lack of services available to them and the many obstacles they face in their everyday lives.

They even do not have medical certificates to ascertain disability, leaving them out of the radar of many government schemes. Keeping these thoughts in mind, lately Vimukti conducted a survey report provides the best available evidence regarding children with disability (physically handicapped, Blind, Deaf, Dumb, lame, leper, crippled etc.,) and what works to overcome barriers to health care, rehabilitation, education, employment, and support services, and to create the environments action for government to help these beneficiaries. Thus, promote accessibility in the schools for children with disability and to tap all basic facilities and schemes provided by the government. So that these facilities will help them to grow, to learn and to smile like any other normal child in the society. Every parent of the disabled child asked these three questions?1. Will my child ever be able to provide for themselves? 2. Who will take care of my child when I am gone?3. Who will take care of me? Vimukti prioritizes working with individuals and families affected by cognitive disabilities to improve their qualities of life and life opportunities. Vimukti does this through; visiting families affected by disability to encourage, support and family counselling. Nearly 125 disabled children and families benefited from this training program.

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