Medical and Legal aid for a human trafficked child: Vimukti Charitable Trust®, Pothnal

A 15 years old girl child migrated from Pothnal was human trafficked in Bangalore, forced into child labour, sexually assaulted and abused, and her internal organs were removed with one eye and the kidney. The heinous crime was resulted in multiple internal organ damage. At present she is fighting between life and death and for the medical treatment she needs Rs. 500000/- worth. In desperate situation the Vimukti Trust reached out to the poor and illiterate family on time financially helping them to get the hospital care, counselling, and legal aid support.

This is one of the cases being reported by the Vimukti Trust. Likewise, there are similar cases which go unnoticed by the responsible government officials. It is here the Vimukti Trust involved in giving the handhold support to these vulnerable families who are trapped under the banner of human trafficking. Let’s all stand united in uprooting the evil of human trafficking. At the same time let’s pray for the speedy recovery and to get the justice for this innocent Child.

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