Free Medical Health checkup Camps Organized by Vimukti Pothnal:

Free healthcare camps are of great importance to the poor people who live on a meager income. These people never dare to visit the hospitals or clinics even when they are sick because their meager income is insufficient to bear the expenses of a good health checkup or buy the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Keeping the circumstances in mind Vimukti Pothnal have been organizing free medical camps frequently in the rural areas of the Manvi taluka, in Raichur District. In these medical camps alone 135 local patients were provided a free medical checkup facility. Free medicines as prescribed by doctors were distributed amongst the people. Free health checkups were provided without cost. In this medical camp detected that all the patients from locality were suffering from various diseases including chest infections, Muscular and joint pains, seasonal Cough & Flu, skin Allergies, High Blood sugar levels, Gastrointestinal diseases and many more. These medical camps have successfully provided free healthcare services to more than 135 patients from the locality. Vimukti organization is solely serving humanity by taking care of the sick children and adults and giving them healthcare services for free.

Healthcare is a basic right of a human being which should be available for everyone and much not be treated as a commodity only for those who can spend money to buy the services. Even the poorest among us deserve the dignity of equal human rights and turning healthcare in to purchasable commodity means declining their human rights. For the poor people, free medical camps have come up as their biggest hope and Vimukti is striving hard to keep the light of hope burning.

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