Skill Development and income generating training Program: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Charitable Trust® Pothnal in collaboration with Dr Babu Jagjivan Ram Leather development industry Bangalore. the corporation is well known as LIDKAR, and organized 60 days of skill development and income generation training program at vimukti premises. The objective of the training program is to develop skills in the manufacture of footwear/ leather goods making. The Leather Artisans in the state are economically most backward and still engaged in making and selling traditional footwear. They are being exploited by private dealers and hence they are not getting right price for their products. Even now many of the artisans are sitting on roadside without proper shelter and engaged in footwear repair for their livelihood. Keeping in view the welfare of the SC leather artisans, vimukti selected eligible candidates in pothnal surrounding villages of Manvi and Sindhnoor Talukas, motivated and organized 60 days skill development and income generation training program. there was a positive good response from the stakeholders and attended the 60 days training, benefited from this program.

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