Generous hands Blooms the life of Devaraj: 266th Home Sweet Home.

Vimukti charitable Trust® has unveiled its 266th house to Mr. Devaraj from Santekeluru village, Maski taluka, located in Raichur District. For the past four years he is suffering from the cancer of the mouth. Spending lacks of rupees he underwent the operation but was not much successful. As a result, he is unable to consume food. Presently, he struggles to pay back the loan because there is no earning member in his family. Adding to the misery he also finds very difficult to educate his three kids, and has no house to stay because the house he had planned was half built. At this peak moment of struggles he personally wrote to the Vimukti for help. Understanding the dire situation and visiting the place of Devaraj, the Vimukti along with the Director Fr. Satish Fernandes reached out to this family. In completing their house blossomed happiness and joy in their family. Generous benefactors became the hands of Devarj’s family in completing this project. Thanks to them for restoring the humanity.

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