LET’S PREVENT the children from dropping out the school by supporting their EDUCATION…. Vimukti Pothnal

The VCT organized a unique program with the support of generous benefactors by providing educational kit to the deprived children in the project area. The education kit including bag, books, pens, uniform, water bottles geometry box etc. the intention of this program was to motivate the children towards compulsory education. 65 children were distribution educational kits. There are lakhs of children around us who lack support from their families to get an education and are dropping out of school. Education is available free of cost in the government schools but many children lack support to even get their school equipment.

Poverty hit hard the parents had no option other than restricting children’s education. Such children are overlooked or discarded from the Society. These children lack respect and affection. In an age of learn and play, the children are shouldered with responsivities. Children need support to cope with the competitive world to have a dignified life. In order to empower every child with education, vimukti started to provide educational aids to children from economically weaker sections of the society. Fr. Sathish Fernandes expressed saying, providing these basic facilities encouraged the children to study well, motivate the parents to support the children in their education. The realization of the project enabled vimukti to contribute substantially to achieve the goal of universal education in northern part of Karnataka state.

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