Students enjoy visit to police station: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Sponsored children visited Police station on 5th June Sunday, 2022, to understand the its functioning of the Police station as part of our Programme of Inquiry. Police Sub-Inspector spoke to the children about how a police station operates. Students visited the control room, jail, FIR room and were informed about arms and ammunition like gun, pistol etc. They learned how to call no. 911 in an emergency situation, ways to protect themselves and to avoid dangerous situations. Children were told what happens when a person is arrested, how police personnel works and how it helps officers do their job. Initially the children were very serious when they entered the police station, but when they interacted with sub- inspector Mr. Veerana Gowda, they found that the policemanís are friendly and approachable.

The children even asked questions to Sub-Inspector Mr. Veerana Gowda like how you catch a thief, why you were khaki uniform, how the control room and wireless works very effectively, etc. and Sub-Inspector was very happy to answer them. The Police officers also explained the children the various responsibilities to provide safety for communities and to protect the safety of individuals. A policeman upholds the law, helps to protect personal property, and maintains order. They also help children who are lost to find their parents, and to know the various rights which are constituted by the Indian government. The job of the policeman can be dangerous, as they are faced with unpredictable situations daily. The policeman puts his / her, own safety at risk every day in order to protect us. They may work in police stations and are a visible, peace-keeping presence in our communities. The children had also privilege to know about the arms and ammunition like gun, pistol etc.

They learned about the duties of a police officer, including those when he is on patrol and when he is at the station. Field trips are also an effective way to reinforce book learning and help children remember important information. The Vimukti staff who accompanied these children thanked the police department for spending their precious time with the children and giving the important information about their life, duty and the responsibility. On the whole it was a fruitful a day-out to Vimukti club children. 98 children benefited from this program.

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