International Human Rights Day: Vimukti Pothnal

“To deny people their human rights are to challenge their very humanity itself”- Nelson Mandela
Vimukti charitable Trust®, Pothnal celebrated international Human Rights Day on 11-12-2021 in its premises. Mr. Charlie in his preliminary speech said that attainment of human rights is our very birth right. Every human being needs human rights to live in equality. Therefore, our constitution has given prominent place for the human rights. Fr. Satish Fernandez, the director who was the chief guest of the program highlighted that every person has his own needs and desires. In the present scenario issues regarding caste system, food system, equality etc., are discussed everywhere which is very sad in itself. He emphasized that the foundation of our life is laid on the human rights that is provided in the constitution of our country. Fr. Edwin Dsouza, Treasurer, Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra®, Ujire in his presidential address commented that we are leading a lifestyle wherein we have forgotten our basic human rights. Human rights provide us freedom, equality, self-esteem, progress etc., we need to understand this and live by it. Living a life of self-respect without violating the rights of others and without being violated of rights by others are the very right of us all. Vimukti staff Mr. Jayasheel, Mrs. Jecintha, Mrs. Shilpa, Ms. Sunanda and Ms. Mamatha were present during the program. Mr. Arogyappa anchored the entire program. Nearly 102 attended and benefited from this program.

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