Death of parents due to Covid-19 deprived 65 children in Raichur District not only of their presence but also leave them dependent on their relatives, Vimukti supported by distributing food, education and hygienic kits:

The Vimukti Charitable Trust® Pothnal has soothed the humanity by reaching out to the 65 children, who had lost their Parents due to the CORONA VIRUS.

When the entire world was threatened by the COVID-19, nations were left in dilemma to face this fearful pandemic with its fast spread all over the countries just to close themselves in. While humans were frightened to come near the infected, even they could not touch them- just a chaos to save oneself.

The desperation was such that all the migrated wage workers returned home either by a vehicle or walked hundreds of miles together just to reach home; while the poorest of the poor were dying without treatment just because they could not afford one. If some of the parents have lost their children; others have lost their parents bringing them the traumatic experiences of the greater loss to go nowhere.

In this dire situation the Vimukti charitable Trust ® Pothnal gathered the information and identified the diseased parents of the children below 18 years old. Through continues counseling sessions they were able to bring them out from the traumatic experiences of the loss of their parents. In assisting them to face life they were encouraged by giving them the Educational Kit according to their need, hygienic Kit, and the Food Kit. By boosting up their inner and mental health Vimukti has worked towards the upliftment of these Children- the humanity.

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