Vimukti Charitable Trust® Pothnal mark the blessing of Vehicles on ‘Ayudha Pooja’ day:

“All-powerful God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, in the rich depths of your wisdom, you have empowered us to produce great and beautiful works. Grant, we pray, that those who use this vehicle may travel safely, with care for the safety of others. Whether they travel for business or pleasure, let them always find Christ to be the companion of the journey, who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.”

Vimukti Pothnal celebrated Ayudha Pooja day at vimukti premises on 14th of October 2021. All the staff were present and Fr. Sathish Fernandes Director vimukti offered prayers by sprinkling the holy water with the words, “May these cars/bikes be blessed in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy spirit”. And also, he prayed to the Guardian angles may guide and the drivers and protect them from all harm and all who travel by these vehicles may arrive safely at their destination through the intercession of our lady of Guidance. Speaking on this occasion, Fr. Sathish Fernandes said that for the last many years we have been blessing the vehicles on this Ayduha Pooja day, to respect the tradition of the local Hindu community and also part of Indian culture. It’s a nice devotional practice and an expression of faith.

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