Unorganized Youth Formation and Training: Vimukti Pothnal

It is well said, Youth are not useless but they are used less. They are the future leaders of our nation. They can be easily spoiled and brain washed for the evil purposes endangering their future life, talents and skills for the selfish interests of few. Therefore, education and training are the powerful weapons of youth empowerment: to fight and voice against poverty, hunger, and the clouds of evils of this world. Keeping these views Vimukti Pothnal in collaboration with 16 pockets youths in our working area, formed 256 members in our youth clubs and all the youths’ clubs consists of 10 to 16 members. The youths’ clubs are motivated to take responsibilities of monitoring the activities of the villages.

They had a series of leadership building sessions to develop the capacities in understanding their roles and responsibilities. The youths were sensitized on the on-going trafficking activities and the long-term goal of the project was explained to them. The youths are encouraged and motivated to take active part in Gram Sabha and ward sabha meetings, PDS, SDMC meetings, social audit, Jana-vedike meetings, AWC, PHCs, VHND, VHSC meetings, and also motivated to take vaccine etc in their village, where important decisions on village development are discussed and decided. A total of 16 villages youth clubs are formed and we are trying to motivate and help them through our constant visits and meetings. we met every month to review progress of the project.

In these four months we had organised two trainings to help them understand how the panchayat system works and who is a good leader and what are the qualities of a good leader like always influences and inspires the likeminded group members,builds up the confidence in oneself and others, Decides the goals of the group or organization, Builds up the cordial relationship and smooth connectivity among its members, Creates the space to gain the trust of other members, Promotes team spirit and co-ordination, Gives apt opinion and right directions, Always represents its members, Motivates the group members, Leads group’s activities or programs etc.

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