Sponsors Day Program: Vimukti Pothnal

Sponsor day program and farewell program to outgoing Sponsored Children was organized at Vimukti premises as on 25th of August. Sponsorship is program to help the deprived, excluded and vulnerable children regardless of their caste, race, creed and gender. They are provided with health, education and livelihood program. Jayasheela explained the service which have given by the Project to sponsored children. Till the age of 18 years Vimukti has taken care of Sponsored children by providing many facilities. As they are going out from sponsorship program it is their responsibility to utilize the knowledge they achieved and to lead a better life and help the needy. Sponsored children Anjali Thadkal, Arpitha Thadkal and Pavithra Udbala thanked enthusiastically to ensemble agissons president and all the members for their timely support, guidance, encouragement and helping them to reach this stage.

Director Fr. Satish Fernandes addressed in his speech as, by giving importance to education we have promoted the children to become as good citizens. Education is the only a device to lift up the personality of person. The support and the contribution of ensemble agissions project for the overall development of rural children is precious. It diminishes the financial burden of rural poor families. All the children thanked the Project and Sponsors for making arrangements for this gathering and made to feel as they belong to one family. The Director Fr Satish Fernandes presented the mementos to guest and distributed the prizes of winners in games competition. Charli Udbal, Jecintha Muddanagudi, Mamatha, ShilpAmma, Eshamma Sunkanur and Sunada where in programs Arogyappa thanked all for their support for the success the program. Nearly 65 sponsored children benefited from this program.

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