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PC 18/18   K.101.11    28th October 2018

Vol. : LVI, DECEMBER 2018, No.:04

St. Padre Pio

St. Clare of Assisi

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Letter of Br. Mauro Jöhri, General Minister

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1Science Fest-2019 : Infant Jesus School
It is a rightly said “Today’s science is tomorrow’s technology”. The Science department of IJS worked on these lines to put up science exhibition on 14th February 2018. Chief Guest Mrs. Mini Thomas principal of St. Joseph’s PU college, Mr. Krishna Murthy (Chemistry Dpt) and Mr. Rudrappa Ningappa Thalvar inaugurated the exhibition. Nearly 13 government school children visited the exhibition hall, bus facilities were made on behalf of school management. Parents also witnessed the creativity of young enthusiast and returned home with pride.
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On 10th February 2019 Vimukti Pothnal celebrated 10 years its service in the humanitarian work empowering children, girls, youths and adults, people who are differently- abled through Right based approached and extending their service to all, promoting holistic excellence. The audience which comprised of Children, women, youth, staff members and Ensemble Agissons President and members witnessed a celebration of the 10 years of service with an array of events and programmes organized on Sunday, at Vimukti premises. A sense of fulfillment was in the air, the audience was enthusiastic and ecstatic, while the mood of the dignitaries who graced the occasion as well as the performers was upbeat.
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1Republic Day : Infant Jesus School
Republic Day was celebrated with pomp and fare on 26th January 2019 at the school premises. All the children and staffs gathered together. Our Principal Rev. Fr. Andrew Jayaraj, hoisted the National flag. Hostel director Rev. Fr. Anil Kumar addressed the gathering saying religious tolerance is essential for national unity. Children gave beautiful performance on the theme Inter religious unity.
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1Scouts and Guides Trekking : Infant Jesus School
On January 20, 2019 Scouts and Guides were taken for trekking to Rangayyan Betta, Anur. All the children enjoyed the trucking which was almost 3.5 Km. Children were give life skill training. The Principal, Vice Principal and teachers joined the hands with children and made the day very special. Teachers cooked the meal for children joyfully and all had a delicious lunch out.
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Diamond jubilee of Priesthood of Fr Bertrand Dcunha
The Friars of Karnataka Holy Trinity Province celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Priesthood of Fr Bertrand D’cunna at St Anne’s Friary on 9th February 2019. Friars from our neighbouring communities, Fr Bertrand’s family members, his friends and the old students were present and participated in this joyous occasion. Holy Eucharist was celebrated at 10.00 am after which a felicitation ceremony was held at St Anne’s mini hall to appreciate the wonderful works and presence of Fr Bertrand in the Karnataka Province and in St Anne’s Friary. Fr Dolphy Pais our provincial minister, Fr Philip Gonsalves the provincial of Maharastra Province, the former V.G of Mangalore Diocese Fr Denis Prabu Morus, Fr Lesly Rodrigues from Aurangabad Diocese were present for the Eucharist along with many Capuchins from Karnataka. Fr Dolphy Devdas raised the toast, Fr Paul Melwyn, the Guardian thanked the gathering and Fr Derick compèred the felicitation program.
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PU Annual Day Celebration @ St. Anthony’s PU College
‘Wherever you go, go with all your heart’. A day was set apart to look back and be grateful; to look ahead and be hopeful; and embrace the present with greater enthusiasm. It was not a day to bid farewell but to cherish all the beautiful memories shared together in this abode of knowledge. Prof. P. Jagajeevandas Bhandary, DDPUE, Bangalore South, was invited to be the chief guest, in the honorable presence of Rev. Fr. Denis Veigas OFM Cap. The I PU students organized a variety of cultural programs for the Seniors and their parents. Some of the II PU pupils shared a part of their wonderful reminiscence from among the vast substantial experience in the campus.
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Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end; it simply means we’ll miss until we meet again to bid adieu to the students of grade X, as they are getting ready for their ICSE board exams. The grade X students were all dressed in the Indian attire wherein the girls were sparkling with gagra choli and the boys were shining in the traditional South Indian dhothi and shirt. It was a special occasion as the grade IX students along with other students and teachers arranged a beautiful farewell programme for their seniors. The programme started with a special lunch from the school management, followed by an entertaining programme to make the day a joyous one.
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Handwriting is an Art!!!! : TRINITY CENTRAL SCHOOL
A workshop on Handwriting skills was conducted on Saturday for the teachers on 2nd February, 2019 in order to guide their students to write confidently and neatly in the classroom and also for home tasks. Mr. Sreeson Gopinath the handwriting expert took an hour’s session giving tips to improve children’s writing in the classroom environment. He also advised on how to achieve neater and more legible handwriting. He also focused on fine target areas to improve the appearance and the legibility of the handwriting. He also shared the tips on posture, spacing in between the letters and letter formation. It was a fruitful learning experience. We thank the management for such effective sessions.
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02.02.2019 : Birthday of the Scholastic, Br Joywin Dias
Saccidananda community joined in celebrating the gift of life to Br Joywin Dias, the scholastic for the year 2018-19 at Saccidananda. Fr Robin, the guardian made a special mention of the diligent and selfless services rendered by him to the community, during the Eucharistic Celebration as well as while wishing him a happy birthday in the dining hall and all the community members wished him a happy and joyful future as a Capuchin friar. The community then partook in the delicious dinner set in honor of Br Joywin Dias
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31st of January was a joyful day as we welcomed the arrival of our loving friends from France Daniel Helbert, Bernadette Daniel, Veronique Patrice , Lily Jattiot, Alix Girard, Catherine Guillemont and Didier Sevre. They are all the members of the funding Agency ‘Ensemble Agissons’ (Let’s get going together). Indeed, it is a wonderful occasion of joy to have them amidst us and to join us in the venture of our work. We are and our sponsored children are filled with joy. They are going to visit their Sponsored Children, their families and villages. It is our great pleasure to associate with them to achieve the purpose of ensemble agissons. This year especially the nine members of the ensemble agissons are representing in the Decennium celebration of vimukti charitable trust on 10th February, 2019. As we thank them we also cordially welcome them and wish a happy stay with us.
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Fr. Sharan Crasta joins the Capuchin Community of Larino Friary, Italy
Fr. Sharan Vincent Crasta arrived in Rome on 10th January 2019 and was picked up by Fr. Bona Marcel at the Airport. Fr. Sharan spent that night at Collegio San Lorenzo in the good company of our Capuchin student-brothers from the province. Next day Fr. J. B. Sequeira, the Guardian of the Larino friary, along with Fr. Luigi di Fiore, accompanied Fr. Sharan to Larino. On 12th January, during the evening Mass, Fr. Sharan was officially welcomed with words and flowers by the OFS members and by the congregation. On 17th January, Fr. Maurizio Placentino, the Minister Provincial of Foggia, visited the community and extended a fraternal welcome to Fr. Sharan. Fr. Sharan is now called by his second name ‘Fra Vincenzo’, and he is the Vicar of the Larino community.
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International Karate championship

The International Karate championship was held in Sindhanur. Students from Sneha jyothi vidyalaya participated and secured many prizes in the competition. Head master thanked Mr.Devraj ( Karate coach) and gave away the medals and certificates to the students on 28-1-19 .

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The 70th Republic day was joyfully celebrated in on 26-1-19 in the presence of staff, students and Management. The program started with a prayer song, Mr. Gangadhar led the auspicious flag hoisting ceremony while Rev. Fr. Sunil Carnelio ( Asst. Head master ) hoisted the beautiful Tri color flag followed by the salutation. The SDMC president Mr.Solomon shared his Republic day message and the head master addressed the gathering . Cricket matches were conducted on the special occasion. The event took an end while sweets were distributed to the students.
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Awareness for Garage Owners on CHILD LINE, 1098:Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti CHILD LINE, 1098, Raichur, staff went out to meet the garage owners, both in city and rural area of Raichur district. The Child Line staff made efforts to gather the garage owners and helpers to address them about child helpline. Almost 140 meetings were held in different places. In the meeting the garage owners and workers were briefed about the functioning of the child Line and the gravity of the crime for making the children work in the garage workshops, they were inspired to help children who are in such cases like school drop outs, trafficked, child marriage, sexually assaulted and so on. They were communicated to use child line which is free to inform if they come to know such children. Many were convinced of promoting the Child Line in their workplaces.
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NSS Special Camp by Darshanites @ Bangalore University
‘The end of all knowledge should be service to others’ – Cesar Chavez. The Darshanites with this thought, volunteered to camp at NSS Bhavan, Jnana Bharathi Campus, Bangalore. The camp was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. R Srinivas, the NSS Co-Ordinator of Bangalore University, in the presence of Sri. Sheshamurthy, Pricipal, VVN Degree College, Rev. Dr. Fr. Alwyn Dias, Director, St. Anthony’s Institutions, Rev. Fr. George, Principal of Darshan College, Prof. Dr. Manjula, the NSS Program Officer, Prof. Divyashree B L, Asst. Program Officer. Fifty NSS volunteers participated to deepen the spirit of other-orientedness. Every visit and each activity opened the minds and hearts of the students.
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Musical Talents @ Assisi School Chikodi
On 15th of December, 2018, the students of St. Francis of Assisi school celebrated the Capuchin Fete with enthusiasm and zeal. Rev. Fr. Dominic Lobo, Principal of Sneha Jyothi Vidhyalaya, Pothnal, graced the occasion with his presence. The event started with a prayer dance followed by Fancy Dress competition for the tiny tots of kindergarten. The children dressed up in their colourful costumes and spoke a few words on the character that they depicted. The efforts and hard work of children was highly appreciated and proved the purpose of competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in students by giving them an opportunity to get on the stage and speak in front of the audience. Following this was a remarkable dance performance by the students of I - V.
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Plastic Free Drive ‘WALKATHON’ and Republic Day : TRINITY CENTRAL SCHOOL
In the present age specially in the last decade, plastic has affected the life on the planet earth. So to prevent the use of plastic and alert the general public of Udupi on the hazardous nature of plastic the students, staff and the PTA members actively participated in the ‘WALKATHON’ on Saturday 26th January 2019. The event started by hoisting the national flag at the Trinitorium by our principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa. Thereafter entire team of teachers with the students of grade VI to IX and PTA members started their walk with the banners such as “No Plastic” & ‘Plastic free Udupi’. The very enthusiastic group of students shouting the slogans from Gundibail walked thro ugh Kalsanka, City bus stand, Service bus stand and concluded their walkathon on the grounds of the Mother of Sorrows Church Udupi.
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Spell Bees & Quiz Champs!!! : TRINITY CENTRAL SCHOOL
The main aim of conducting the spell bee and the quiz competition is to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the concepts learnt. It is also a fun way of enriching their learning process and fostering team building. In order to realize this Inter house quiz and spell bee competitions were held on 21st & 23rd January 2019 at Trinity Central School. The inter house quiz and spell bee competitions for the students of grade VI – X & grades I – V was held on 21st and 23rd January respectively at the Trinity campus. The teams Assisi, Laverna, Greccio, Rivotorto and Spoleto participated in these competitions. The Trinitorium and the Mother Teresa hall were buzzing with cheers from enthusiastic audience and active participants. Every team tried their best to win the competition to make their team proud.
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Veggies a day, keeps the doctor away!! : TRINITY CENTRAL SCHOOL
Vegetable day was celebrated in the Kindergarten at Trinity Central School on 23rd January 2019. Children celebrated the healthy eating day with lots of vegetables. Students were taught on the importance of eating vegetables which is a requisite for healthy living. Teachers engaged the students in different fun activities as they told them interesting and simple floral stories thus encouraging the little ones on the importance of vegetables. The tiny tots learnt more about taste, smell, colour and texture of vegetables. Children and teachers sang vegetable rhymes with great zest, enthusiasm and vigour as they also had colouring activities and various hands on activities. Kids were quite thrilled and were positive on the fact that vegetables are better than junk food. It was a lot of fun on the vegetable day……!!
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Inauguration of St. Joseph's Church-Choitar-Manipur

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Awareness on CHILD LINE 1098 for Auto Drivers: Vimukti Pothnal
CHILDLINE 1098, Raichur in an collective effort to give awareness to the auto drivers made efforts to meet them in different auto stations and also the passengers and public. They were given the awareness about the functioning of the CHILDLINE 1098, how they have to make use of it to help to protect the children who are in need, threat, under the bondage of people, working in hotels, factories, assaulted, abused, malnourished and so on. Children who are of underage must be protected. Since the auto drivers are on duty in public places who encounter such children they were guided to take social responsibility to help such children in need.
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Konistra: Sports meet @ St. Anthony’s PU College
Sports is the preserver of health. Every sport is a gift in itself, it depends on each individual which one we choose. It was a dream realized for the Management of St. Anthony’s Institutions in Organizing KONISTRA: An arena for Sports. A day was set aside for the Inter-School sports competitions where in Students from Schools far and wide participated in the sports events to show forth their love and determination in sports. Kabaddi and Throw-ball competitions were held for boys and girls respectively. It was pleasant sight for the eyes as the participants as teams, put out their heart and soul to gain victory. All praise to Prof. Srinidhi Siddarth, Director of Physical Education, and Prof. Rudraradya, St. Anthony’s PU College who organized the event in shipshape and Bristol fashion. Prof. Ambarish, Department of Kannada, encouraged and delighted everyone with his vociferous commentary. Sports unites everyone without any distinction.
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Annual Day : Infant Jesus School
The ambience of Infant Jesus School looked very colorful on 21st December as it attracted a uge number of audience for the annual day celebration held at the school campus with a meaningful theme ‘Vaividhya’ 2018. The talented student of IJS their beaming with confidence has they had put in a lot of efforts with a month of the practice. The celebration kicked off when the clock struck 4 PM. The school band led the honorable dignitaries to the well-decorated dais with the great respect the angelic choir of IJS sang praises to the almighty God and the invoked his choicest blessing with their melodious voices. Amar greeted the audience with his sweet words of welcome, Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias OFM CAP the executive secretary of capuchin education board (C.E.B) was the honorable president of the function. Mr. Venkataramu KES was the chief guest, Mr. Micheal Baptist MD Waterjet Engineers Rev.Fr. Rayappa Deepak the superior of Infant Jesus Nivas, Mr.Chandregowda the president of village panchayath, Mugthihalli was the guest of honor.
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Awareness on CHILD LINE 1098 at Market Places : Vimukti Pothnal
VIMUKTI CHILD LINE 1098, Raichur organized awareness programmes at Market place of Raichur city and specially the onlookers and the passersby and many people gathered around to listen to us and about Child help line. As the staff briefed them about the CHILDLINE, Raichur, they were all requested to inform us and make use of the child line to state about the children in danger as they come across anywhere both in city and villages. They were made aware that the child works 24 hours of the day. It wants to help the children caught up with child labour, trafficking, child marriage, atrocities, assault and other bad issues. With everyone’s help they can be helped to be freed from such evil clutches. The people were motivated on this move.
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School Excursion : Infant Jesus School
It is said by experience that ‘Learning does not take place only within the four walls of the classroom but also outside of it. To facilitate the children to learn better and keeping in mind the other dimension of learning through visits to the historical places, Infant Jesus School organized educational excursion to the tourist spots of North Karnataka on 4th and 5th November. We were very fortunate to visit the places of karnataka’s cultural heritage and archeological legacy in Badami, Ihole, pattadakallu, Hampi, Hospet etc. It was a fun filled tour as the students made the most of this opportunity to widen their horizon of knowledge. As we returned on the morning of 6th November there was contentment in our hearts and smiles on our faces having celebrated our life together as one family.
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Sports Day @ Infant Jesus School
As the age old proverbs goes ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, the Infant Jesus school had organized intramural sports day. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and abilities in the area of sports. In fact the students participated with extraordinary energy and enthusiasm both in the indoor and outdoor games making the best use of opportunities. To win prizes for themselves and their teams. Mr Nataraj MD Water Jet Engineers presided over inaugural function of the sports day. In this presidential address said ‘Student life is for integral growth of every individual and sports plays a very crucial role in achieving that purpose. It was a treat for the eyes to see our students excel in ports as well. Eventually the ‘Purple group’ as the champions of the present academic year. Our proud parent Mr Deepak Tukaram National level Wrestling Champion was felicitated by the school management.
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Awareness on CHILD LINE 1098 to AWCs: Vimukti Pothnal
The Staff of CHILD LINE 1098, Raichur held meetings with 90 anganwadi animators, helpers, and children. During meting they were briefed about the work of CHILDLINE 1098. They were made aware to make the best use of the free helpline to meet out the issues where children ill-treated, sick, made to beg, work in hotels and garages or made orphans and so on. This also concerns the children who face sexual abuse, malnourished, and other disturbing factors. CHILDLINE Raichur gave effective information to safeguard and protect the children. The meetings were very successful.
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Children's Day @ Infant Jesus School
In the entire academic year the most favorite day for all the students is; Children’s day. The down of November 14th brought an extra ounce of cheer and enthusiasm in the students of Infant Jesus School as the management and the staffs left no stone understand to make this celebration beautiful for the children in every possible way. On this special day in the morning, the teachers themselves conducted the assembly, played the band set, sang the prayer song and the anthem and organized so many games and activities which thrilled the children the most. In the afternoon all the children were served the delicious vegetarian meal which they all enjoyed. After which the staff members put up a fun-filled cultural program. It was very rare spectacle for the students to watch their teachers dancing, singing and acting. In the end it was the scintillating group dance of all the 40 staff and non staff members shaking their hands and legs to the rocking tune of ‘Om Shanthi Om’ left the children thoroughly entertained.
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Press meet on CHILDLINE SE DOSTI WEEK Celebration: Vimukti Pothnal
VIMUKTI CHILDLINE Raichur in collaboration with District line-Department of Raichur had press meet In view of CHILDLINE SE DOSTI week celebration at Pathrika Bavan Raichur. The main objective of this Press meet was to televise the whole week program and how to spread the message in safeguarding the children from their rights. But even today millions of children are out of the safety network of protection and still entangled in the net of child labour, drop out, trafficking, flesh trade, wedlock, and sexual abuse so on. Mr. Sudharshan, Childline coordinator said, in a small city Raichur, we at CHILDLINE1098, everyday attend to an average of such 10 cases. The committed team at CHILDLINE attempts to reach out to all the children round the clock who need care and protection.
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We began this New Year with a positive note by celebrating the ‘White Day’ for the Kindergarten kids on Wednesday 9th January 2019. Little ones wore white coloured clothes and were dazzling with beauty as they were shining like little cherubim’s. Special and interesting activities were organized by their class teachers to understand the colour concepts. As a result, children from the Nursery, LKG and the UKG were involved in creative activities like drawing and colouring snowman, ice-cream, preparing paper flowers, decorating sheep silhouette etc. Each child had a takeaway white flower in their hand as they left school. Various fun games, rhymes were taught to keep the students engaged. It was an enjoyable ‘White Day’ at school.
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Village Health Nutrition Day Programme: Vimukti Pothnal
On 7th November, 2018 under the collaboration of Health and Family Welfare Commission Raichur, Primary Health center Pothnal Vimukti Charitable Trust (R) Pothnal celebrated Village Health Nutritious Day (VHND) and Village Helath and Sanitation Committee meeting was organized (VHSC). Dr. Rajendra, the physician of the Primary Health Center addressed the Village Sanitation Committee members that the health services for mother and infant’s health, fever, cough, vomit, dysentery must be received from the government hospitals and also the pregnancy treatments, Dengue, malaria, bone damage, and some other general surgeries and certain secondary level treatments are provided by the government health centers.
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Parents teachers meeting was held on 10-1-19 sharp at 11.30 am , Srikanth sir presented the welcome speech. The main purpose to conduct the PTA meeting was to acknowledge parents about the actual progress of the students. Head master strongly insisted the parents to check their children's home-tasks and advised them not to entertain students with mobile phone and TV. Teachers also advised the students to take up daily revision after the school. The PTA meeting took a closure by 12.30 pm as the Head master presented the vote of thanks.
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Teachers should focus on Maths, Science and English to improve SSLC Results: Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti Charitable Trust, Pothnal in collaboration with Bharath Jnana Vigyana Samithi Karnataka and Education department Raichur organized District level workshop on how to improve the Results, on 4th of January 2019 at Rangamandira Raichur. More than 352 Head Masters /Head Mistress of Government, aided and unaided schools across the district took part in this workshop. Mr. B.K Nandanur DDPI Raichur urged the teachers to concentrate more on subject such as mathematics, Science, and English in which students are lagging behind and special attention should be given to students who are week in studies.
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Teachers of sneha jyothi vidyalaya had training on 5th January 2019. Brother Felix was the Counselor, various teaching tips and methods were explained during the day. Lesson planning and imprtant teaching aids were explained. Qualities of effective teachers was also briefed like, the ability to get along with students, developing a caring and loving atittude, paying attention to every detail and so on.The Headmaster honoured the counselor with a garland and presented a small gift as a token of gratitude.
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Sports for non-organized Youth: Vimukti Pothnal
One day Sports was conducted by Vimukti charitable Trust® Pothnal to the non-organized youth. While inaugurating the sportive event the President of Ensemble Agissons, Mr. Daniel Helbert expressed that youth is a power and they have energy to change the society in a better way but he said that today many of the youth choose wrong direction and spoil their future and some of the youth are brain washed by the anti-socialists and terrorists. Thus the life of the youth and the family of such youth is dragged to danger. The youth gathered here must take into consideration that you must stand responsibly to avoid such circumstances and work in unity and friendly manner, respecting each other build a society with true values.
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Assisi Alumni Association @ Assisi School Chikodi
Assisi Alumni Association, an eminent and proud wing of St. Francis of Assisi School started its operation on 9th of November 2018, with the co-operation of Rev. Fr. Jeson Fernandes, the Principal and staff. Rev. Fr. Arun Lobo, the chief guest inaugurated the Association. Master. Vinit welcomed everybody for this gathering. The presence of the total strength of the faculty members of Assisi School was a real boost for alumni meet. The inauguration function started with the lighting of the lamp and bursting of a fire cracker by the chief guest and Alumni on the dais. Thereafter, chief guest highlighted the importance of alumni network in one’s journey of life. It was a great moment for the teachers to meet Alumnae of the school. This meet helped the alumnae to share their experience in the corporate world. The participation of the members was exemplary.
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Christmas and New Year Celebration @ St. Anthony’s Institutions
‘No one has become poor by giving’ – Anne Frank. Christmas reminds us of God giving himself selflessly to the humanity. To Celebrate and to share the joy of Christmas, Christmas celebration was held in St. Anthony’s College. Spirit of Christmas reminded everyone that we should not be blinded by hatred, violence and injustice but rather be radiant with love, peace, joy and happiness. The Christ-event was enacted through music, carols, dance and tableau which gave an expression to the human values of caring, sharing and spreading the goodness and kindness. The Chief Guest Rev. Fr. Alex Daniel, OFM Cap., Parish Priest, St. Anthony’s Church Gangondanahalli shared an inspiring Christmas message. As God the Father gave his only son to the humanity so also, we are called to give ourselves to each other. Giving gifts is an easy task, but giving oneself to the needs of others is a great sacrifice.
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Awareness on ‘108’ Emergency Ambulance services to the School children: Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti Charitable Trust, Pothnal in collaboration with Health department organized awareness on 108 ambulances service at Utaknoor high school. The main objective is to know the services of 108 emergency helpline in the state and how its functions. The coordinator of the health department explained it in length, saying; the 108 Emergency Ambulance Service is a 24x7 service, which anyone can avail by dialling the number 108 on their phone during the case of any emergency. It could be a medical emergency, a fire emergency, or a crime being committed. The number 108 is a toll-free number and can be dialed from any phone, be it a mobile phone or a landline, at the time of an emergency, without any prefix or suffix. Help reaches the person within 20 minutes.
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A place where history rules a city breathes its Magic All Over Mysore the city of joy and culture, it is a place worth seeing and the students of Sneha Jyothi Vidyalaya had an opportunity to visit the Mysore city, Srirangapatna, Shravanabelagola and Belur halebidu. The journey started at 7:00 p.m. from Pothnal on 28 December 2018 ,and reached Mysore by 7:30 a.m. on 29th December 2018. The first place visited was the Chamundi Hills and then the beautiful Mysore Palace belonging to the Wodeyar dynasty students were astonished by sparkling beauty and flower show mesmerized one and all. The next place what happened was Sri chamarajendra zoological Gardens, the students were delighted to see the amazing wild animals, students captured many pictures, soon after the zoo the Brindavan Gardens was visited which had wide Open Spaces and colourful fountains.
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Christmas is the spirit of giving without the thought of getting,soaking in the Spirits of Christmas the students of Sneha Jyothi Vidyalaya celebrated the festival on 22nd December 2018 ,the event was collaborated with the birthday of assistant headmaster Rev. Fr. Sunil ,the chief guest and other dignitaries present on the event were Rev .Fr. William Prabhu, Rev. brothers of Clara Vihar, Thomas, Rev. Fr Basil( Parish priest of our lady of health) Rev.Fr Anthony Raj , Sr.Martha and Mr. Saloman. The entire campus was decorated with colorful Balloons and the dance programs of students from Tiny Tots to High School added fervor to the festivity.
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Under SCP/TSP Scheme Free Health Check up and Ayurvedic Medicine Distribution camp held at VIMUKTI Pothnal:
Vimukti Charitable Trust® in collaboration with Ensemble Agissons France, AYUSH Directory Banglore, and Primary Health Center Pothnal, conducted free Ayurvedic medicine distribution and health check up camp at Vimukti premises on 29th of December, 2018. Awareness about health and environment has always been the chief objective of VIMUKTI, which has always been concerned to achieve the goal in rural areas. Lack of health awareness is the major problem in rural areas leading to many diseases. A bit of consciousness is much needed among people to take some preventive measures. People generally depend on farming to earn their livelihood regular health checkup up is beyond the consciousness of the people.
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Best Social worker award-2018 - Rev. Fr. Satish Fernandes, OFM Capuchin:
The 8th Taluka level Kannada Literary Meet (Kannada Sahitya Sammelana) was organized on 28. 12.2018. Recognizing his dedicated and valuable service in the social work the director of Vimukti Charitable Trust (R), Pothnal Rev. Fr. Satish Fernandes was honored on this occasion by respected Raj Venkatappa Nayaka MLA Manvi Taluka. The honored Fr. Sathish Fernandes has worked from the month of May 2010 as the Director of Vimukti Charitable Trust in bringing some change in the lives of the people in and around this rural area and through various projects the children from Govt. Schools have been helped by instilling in them the focus for education, the leadership qualities, need for sanitation and good health protection of environment and their rights of having children clubs and children parliament.
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Saccidananda, Bangalore - 1.1.2019
Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God and the New Year 2019
The celebration of the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God on the eve of the New Year 2019 began with a prayerful Adoration service conducted by Guarding Fr Robin D’Souza to thank the Lord for His love and mercy thru the year 2018 and to implore His guidance in the year ahead. The Eucharist was presided over by Fr Charles Furtado who broke the Word of God meaningfully apt to the occasion. Sweets were distributed to all the faithful who participated in the festivities during the get together after the Holy mass.
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Annual Athletic Meet @ St. Anthony’s PU College.
‘The True competitors are the ones who always play to win’ – Tom Brady. Sports helps one to stay healthy and fit. With an intention to build good sportsmanship among students St. Anthony’s PU College organized inter-mural competitions in Volleyball, Kabaddi, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Chess for boys and Throw-ball, badminton, Kho-Kho, and Chess for girls. After manoeuvring the team spirit among students, a day was dedicated to excel and exhibit their athletic spirit. Mr. Sunil Hanumanthappa, National Level Kabaddi Player was invited to be the Chief Guest. The booming sound of the College Band, the colourful and orderly parade and march-past by the students added glimmer to the celebration.
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Taluka level art and craft Science Festival held at Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti Charitable Trust, Pothnal in collaboration with Bharath Jnana Vigyana Samithi Karnataka organized taluka level Science Festival at Vimukti premises from 21st to 22nd December 2018. The art and craft workshop that was conducted in the VCT premises was indeed a successful one. There were around 150 students who took active part in it. The workshop began with a stage programme. The kids enjoyed to the full the workshop with learning beautiful craft and art work. They learnt different skills like rolling and cutting papers, gluing pieces together, most importantly the skill of cooperating and collaborating with each other. For about 102 children made masks from paper, so also plates, paper pulp, balloons, flowers and caps. Selected teachers from Manvi taluka were the Resource persons, to conduct this two days workshop (Mr. Mahesh, Mr. Rajusab, Mr. Raichandra, Mr. Nagappa, and Mrs. Laxi Devi) and involved with children excellently well.
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Vimukti Charitable Trust Celebrates Christmas with 102 underprivileged children :
May the spirit of Christmas bring you Peace
The gladness of Christmas give you hope
The warmth of Christmas grant you love

Vimukti Charitable Trust®, Pothnal organized the "joy of giving" activity in an Endeavour to make Christmas Day special and reach out to the underprivileged children on 23rd of December 2018, Sunday. Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair, we too, at Vimukti celebrated Christmas as a happy time for our children. Vimukti distributed warm clothes to the 102 underprivileged children of this locality. Right from distributing sweets to helping children draw and colour, they did every possible way to bring smile to them. "It indeed was a special moment to see children were happy to see the gifts as token of love.
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Success is not something that can be achieved over night. It demands rigorous hard work, strong determination, utmost dedication and an undying attitude. We at Trinity encourage and believe that every child is unique. And hence to mark and appreciate their hard work the winning students who participated in various extra-curricular activities held during the Academic Year 2018-2019 were awarded with certificates and prizes. Students of Nursery to Grade II, were given their prizes on 20th December, as K Abdullah, PTA Member gave away the prizes and certificates and encouraged the little ones.
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Christmas 2018 : 25.12.2018 - Saccidananda, Bangalore
‘You sent your Son to save us
Your very self You gave us
That sin may not enslave us
And love may reign once more’

The Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was celebrated with joy and vigor at Saccidananda with a Solemn Eucharist at nine on the eve of Christmas presided over by Fr Provincial who also gave an inspiring message on the immensity of God’s love manifested in the little babe in the manger at Bethlehem. A good number of our friends joined us in the celebration and partook in the ‘Kuswar Party’ thereafter. Br Joywin Dias, the scholastic, with his creativity and goodwill walked an extra mile to put together a beautiful crib and decorations which really lifted up the mood to the occasion.
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Grand Decennial Celebrations at Trinity Central School, Perampally
The story of Trinity Central School Perampally, from its humble beginning with a handful group of students to a well known institution today, is a long journey where the students, parents and faculty who believed in the Capuchin fathers for their dedication and perseverance, and who in turn achieved their ideals of empowering the young generation through education and extended their service to all by providing a holistic excellence. The school which was established in 2009, created the new landmark in the history of the Capuchin friars as it was their first ICSE School at Udupi district having the name Trinity Central School. The Capuchin fathers who were committed missionaries driven by the passion to bring out the best from the present generation through their school ministry have come a long way since then. As a result, the school has secured a place of joy and pride in the hearts of the people in Udupi district on the whole.
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News Archive

  Holy Trinity Province of Karnataka   

On 8 December 2008 the General Definitory by its Decree Prot. No. 00999/98 constituted and declared established the Most Holy Trinity Province of Karnataka. By the same Decree the General Definitory appointed Br. Vincent Gabriel Furtado as the new Provincial Minister, Br. John Baptist Sequeira as the first Definitor and Provincial Vicar, Br. Patrick Crasta, Edwin Colaco and Rudolf D'Souza as the 2, 3, and 4 Definitors respectively.



Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.


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Minister Provincial

Joseph Dolphy Pais
Provincial Council

Fr. Alwyn Dias
Vicar Provincial

Fr. Peter Cyprian D'souza
2nd Councilor

Fr. Paul Melwyn D'souza
3rd Councilor

Fr. Salvadore Fernandes
4th Councilor


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