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Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas

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Fr.Fredrick Braggs

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Fr.Vincent D’Souza

Director Palya
Fr. Sunil Ullahanan.



Universal Children's Day Prayers: Vimukti Pothnal
Heaving Father, please awaken in us a sense of universal responsibility towards children. May we collectively welcome children into our lives, learning from them as we serve them, and may our leaders teach and guide their communities, businesses and countries with the needs of children foremost in their plans; May power be used with gentleness and kindness. Please unite the world community in efforts to give children status and respect. Bless our global efforts to end the violence and cruelty inflicted upon your children; May the world see your likeness and image in every child. Amen.
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SHGs are considered as one of the most significant tools to adopt participatory approach for the economic empowerment of women: Vimukti Pothnal
SHGs are novel and innovative organizational setup in India for the women up-liftment and welfare. Self-Help Group refers to self-governed, peer controlled, informal group of people with same socio-economic background and having a desire to collectively perform common purposes. Having new strategic plan, Vimukti formed the women groups in the targeted villages to fight for their rights. It took long time to convince and to motivate the women to make known their rights. The primary focus is to give awareness on various rights and schemes that are given by the government and how to benefit from these various schemes; by way of awareness, motivation, leadership, training and associating in other social inter-mediation programmes for the benefit of the entire community.
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Vimukti Sponsor’s day program: Vimukti Pothnal
“It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” –Frederick D. social activist
The Vimukti charitable trust® with the collaboration of Ensemble Agissons France had organized sponsor’s day program at Pothnal on 05.11.2017. 47 sponsored children along with their parents participated in the program. This day was filled with full of entertainment. Mr. Arogyappa welcomed the guests on the dais. Sponsored children honored the guests with the flowers. VIMUKTI believes every child deserves a future. Here in Vimukti, we give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and supporting them to create a platform to exhibit their talents. This program is very unique because we look at all the things that prevent children from surviving and thriving in their community. We work with each sponsored child family to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better future for all children.
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Soft skill training program for the staff : Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti organized a program on soft skill training program for the staff on 6th of October, 2017 at Vimukti premises. The main aim is to how; one can be an efficient and effective staff in the field. The resource person Mr. Anthony Mudola highlighted the main soft skills like emotional intelligence, problem solving, time management, interpersonal skills, leadership, communication skills, ability to work in team and strong work ethics etc. Further resource person motivated the staff to achieve their goals by facing the challenges bravely. Along with that the practical tips and examples were given to motivate themselves to work effectively in the field. Thus all the staff was exhorted to work genuinely. There were 72 participants benefited from this training.
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Over 25,000 women to put forward specific demand to political parties in Raichur: Vimukti Pothnal
On 29th Sunday October, 2017 massive awareness rally was organized at APMC Gunj premises, Raichur with the collaboration of 34 likeminded NGO forum. In the rally 18 district women representatives were present for this protest rally. Women protest against liquor ban in entire Karnataka holding placards and banners in the rally. The protestors were also chanting slogans against alcohol consumption and demanding government to put complete ban on alcohol and made a specific demand to political parties to include prohibition in their manifestos saying “Our vote is for those who implement prohibition”. During the rally political representatives were called (Congress, BGP, and JDS) and memorandums were submitted to make Karnataka as NASHA MUKT Karnataka. To expand the support base, the organizations have been making efforts to rope in religious heads with influence in the region. Medha Patkar, a leader of Nasha Muka Bharat Movement was the speaker of the day. She said in her speech “Alcoholism is more serious than unemployment, illiteracy, poverty and other problems.
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Sponsored children undergo health check up to spread awareness on preventive healthcare: Vimukti Pothnal
Even after decades of freedom, India is struggling to provide basic health services to its people. According to government sources, in India 45 children die every hour due to respiratory infections. 1 child dies every 2 minutes due to diarrhoea. And annually, about 2 million children under 5 years of age die due to preventable diseases. The situation calls for timely care and diagnosis which can reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality especially among children and women. General Health Camps is one such special initiative of Vimukti with the collaboration of “Ensemble Agissons” France to provide healthcare services to meet the immediate health care needs of the marginalized community in remote rural areas through stand-alone camps. Vimukti Sponsored children in various age groups underwent health check camp to create awareness about the importance of preventive healthcare. The initiative was taken to prepare a comprehensive health profile of all the Sponsored children.
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Art and craft workshop held for our sponsored children: Vimukti Pothnal
There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgment; the ability to be creative, to create something expressing personal feelings and experiences, can reflect and nurture children's emotional health. Creativity fosters mental growth as well by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. At Vimukti, we provide a creative environment as a complement to the integral education system at the school. Through creative arts we aspire to develop aesthetic sense in our sponsored children and give them a platform where they are able to express themselves freely. Our ultimate objective is to help identify in each child their full potential and bring out their best. Each child is given a chance to develop at his her own pace. With the collaboration of Ensemble Agissons, France Vimukti organized workshop to our sponsored children at Vimukti premises on 21st to 22nd October, 2017.
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Meeting on Strategic planning on Combating Human Trafficking held at Gulbarga: Vimukti Pothnal
On 16th and 17th October, 2017 Vimukti with the collaboration of likeminded NGOs came together for the strategic planning on combating human trafficking at Kripalya Bishop’s house Gulbarga. Since Karnataka is turning out to be a hotspot of human trafficking, reporting the third highest number of cases in the country during 2013-17. Home ministry data says 1,379 human trafficking cases were reported from Karnataka in the five-year period. Human traffickers find a fitting breeding ground in the fast-growing southern metros, luring victims with huge salaries and better lifestyles. A sizeable chunk of trafficking victims, migrant labourers in particular, are often forced into sex work. Recent raids led to the rescue of over 300 bonded labourers in Bangalore. NGO and government officials say this is only the tip of the iceberg. The resource person Mr. Anthony C. Mudola said, Bangalore has become a human trafficking hub over the years, and many of the victims are children.
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VIMUKTI CHARITABLE TRUST is a social action unit of the Capuchin Franciscan of Karnataka Province, Registered under the Trust Act bearing number, Trust/718/10A/Vol-II/V-299/2000-2001 Dated 01.05.2000. VIMUKTI is integral liberation as understood popularly and it undertakes and executes socio-economic empowerment activities among the disadvantage and the vulnerable sections of the society. As the activities of the province became widespread, ‘Vimukti’ came into existence in 1999 to co-ordinate, document, monitor, review and evaluate the social work intervention activities to ensure greater efficiency and increased accountability towards the same.

The Karnataka Capuchin Province has established a registered trust called, Vimukti Charitable Trust for social service and developmental activities in the Province. The goals and objectives of this trust are to be attained in a systematic and cohesive manner. For this purpose the Province shall establish in a suitable place a well furnished central office to plan, coordinate and supervise all the programmes and the activities. The Statutes are applicable to all the Friars of the Province who are involved in this ministry. So that all the Programmes function effectively and achieve the expected goals and objectives. These Statutes are to be read along with the Constitutions of the Order and also the Statutes of the Province.

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